Wyld Bore started out in the late nineties as a small group of friends that would come together during the winter in a small shop to work on their bikes. It was more of a way to pass the time during the cold Alberta winters, until spring when we could get back on our bikes and ride. The intention was to do routine maintenance and some upgrades to our motorcycles, but it was more. Looking at our bikes on the benches all lined up, and us sitting back with a beer talking about the riding we were going to do as soon as the snow left the ground outside. From there Wyld Bore Custom Cycle and Brothel was born, incorporated in Sept 2004. The term “Brothel” was added as a slang, referring that our motorcycles were what we were spending our money on, so to speak. And the word Cycle instead of Cycles was in reference that we each only had one bike. From there , the passion towards the motorcycle life grew , and Wyld Bore became a place for people to come for information on American Motorcycles , parts and some service. In the fall of 2013 Dave had made the decision to take Wyld Bore to the full retail level to provide a true service to the local motorcycle community. From there the name was officially changed to Wyld Bore Custom Cycles Inc. and a new facility was purchased in the City of Spruce Grove. From December 2013 to the spring of 2014 it underwent a total transformation to house over 5600 square feet of retail merchandise, sales of used Harley Davidsons, as well as a full line parts store with a full service shop. This  makes it your one stop shop for those who enjoy and embrace the motorcycle lifestyle, from your weekend warrior type to the old school customer looking for that “can’t find” part. Besides being the go to place for quality used Harley Davidsons, Wyld Bore is proud to be the northern Alberta dealer for the Old School Motorcycle Company , a motorcycle company that is “re-creating American Icons with Modern Technology”. The doors  opened in June of 2014 so now you can come down and see the new line of Knuckleheads, Panheads, and Shovelheads; truly masterpieces with attitude. Swing by and check us out at 50 Shep Street, Spruce Grove and see our beautiful shop. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, we can’t wait to see you!