Does your bike need a touch up?  Perhaps a face lift?  Maybe collision repair?

Wyld Bore has our very own Red Seal Journeyman Auto Body Technician!


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Over the next few weeks we will be profiling some of the bikes we have had the pleasure of working on.

Let’s start with Tyler’s very own ’07 Heritage!

It had come to us as a pretty rough high miler that had spent winters outside.


We gave it a quick paint job and new rims and put it on the floor.


Well soon it was Bike Show time and we needed a candidate for our Bagger on a Budget Project!

Well after some hard bags, beach bars, Quadzilla Fairing, true duals, Shovelhead air cleaner and a GORGEOUS retro two tone paint job we had a real beauty!

Tyler couldn’t let it go so he kept it for himself!

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